Qidong Machinery Supply & Marketing Co., Ltd is established on December 12, 1979.


Qidong Supply And Marketing Machinery Co., Ltd is the shareholder and production base of China Cotton Industry Co., Ltd, the excellent standard maker for the Cotton Processing Industry Standardization Technical Committee of the China National Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, and the main machinery supplier for the cotton quality inspection system reform and processing equipment update and relacement. It mainly produces the cotton machineries such as “Yin Xing” series packaging equipment, delinter, cotton linter descaling machine, etc.…

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We offer "one-stop" integrated services as an advanced and professional production company that integrates sales, installation, commissioning, production and maintenance. ...…

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Featured with high yield, low production cost and wide application, cotton is one of the most important crops in the world. The main and by-products of cotton have high utilization value, just as the old saying goes that "every part of the cotton is a treasure." It is not only the most important fiber crop, an important oil crop, and a high-protein food crop, but also the raw materials for textile and fine chemical and important strategic materials. Therefore, efforts must be made to increase cotton production, improve comprehensive utilization, and improve its value, in order to increase the income of cotton farmers and meet the needs of various aspects of national economic development.…

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China、JiangSu、Qidong Machinery Supply & Marketing Co., Ltd

Qidong Supply And Marketing Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the three production bases of China Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. Located in the Yangtze River Delta and adjacent to the international metropolis Shanghai across the river, it has advantages in convenient transportation and open policies, and main...…


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